Völkl's umbrella campaign to announce the redesign of their freeski range. The first of these products, the Revolt 121 was released in 2019.

Völkl Skis have been a partner of ours for over a decade now. With their Built Together, we were onboard from the start, meaning that we were involved from 2017 right up until the first ski to hit the market two years later. That was the Revolt 121, and it sold out immediately.


We tailored a special film project exclusively around its launch. A 22-minute ski movie formed the main asset of the 121 campaign. The idea here was to properly showcase the featured Völkl athletes involved in the design of the ski. We knew we had a strong case for creating something that pretty much every freeride skier in the world would be interested in. So to make sure we got that reach, the supporting content consisted of the product development story and customised content for each athlete.


In the end, we’d not only built a campaign that served the marketing needs of a brand but one that professional athletes could identify with. All with efficient content production and interaction that went beyond the conventional means of online distribution with its audience.


Our goal: to bring the film directly to the fans before official online release.

  • The #watchtogether 📺 initiative and social campaign where fans registered online at the Völkl website to host their own movie premiere, regardless of their venue size, commercial or private. The registration was then followed up with a personal response that included an exclusive link to the movie.
  • Using the hashtag #watchtogether 📺 fans could then share their viewing experiences on social media and also be in with a chance to win a pair of the new skis.
  • We also struck up additional partnerships with key media outlets.